The Bedwell Project

This home was a project of ours back in early 1990s. It has not been repainted or maintained by us since then.

It has held up well over the years, and that is because of our superior prep job, our use of the best quality paint available, and the application methods we use. We do it right! It took us almost 3 months to strip, prep and paint this home. The paint job has lasted 16 years.

If we had had the maintenance contract, the paint job would still look brand new up close. As it stands right now, it looks pretty darn good from the street!

I would put this paint job up against any paint job from another company done 4 to 5 years ago. This house looks better!

In early 2010 this house was painted an appetizing array of mustard yellows. It is a real standout, now.