Check Contractors in Elgin, IL

Let us imagine that you are simply the owner of an older, perhaps historic building, and wish to contract for its exterior restoration.

Where would you start? What would you do?

One way would be to hire a qualified preservation professional, tell him to use his own good judgment and to call you when the job is finished. If you hire the right person, and he or she is on the job just about every day to supervise what is done and make decisions on the go as   new situations develop, then you can rightfully expect good results.

All jobs should receive such careful attention - unfortunately not all do....


Residents can check on contractors by calling the Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Hot Line at (800) 386-5438 to see if any consumer complaints have been filed.

The following article appeared in the Elgin Courier News 11/23/2007

Homeowners Nailed By Repair Fraud.

How to avoid home repair scams

. Get written estimates from more than one contractor.

. Research companies before hiring one, making sure it has a local connection.

. Make sure the contract is specific about the job, time frame and cost.

. If the contract is signed at your residence, you have three business days to cancel it.

. Beware of high-pressure sales tactics and dramatically low estimates.

. Beware of contractors who can't provide proof of insurance, don't carry identification, require cash payments, or asks for full payment before completing the job.

. Consult the Better Business Bureau at

Source: Illinois Attorney General's Office