Steps in Making a Copper Roof

There is a right way and at least a half dozen wrong ways to hand fabricate and install a copper roof. Seams are important! Joints are important! Asthetic value - important. Long life - important! The correct installation is ... you guessed it ... important!

Copper drip edge is handmade and essential to proper water shedding.

All running seams are hand rolled and pressed - by the book - no leaks here!

Corners, trim and other joints are all hand soldered. Notice the use of copper nails to secure the roof to the structure. You don't want to mix metals here due to oxidation occuring between different metals. We also use heavy duty "ice and water shield" underlayment which guarantees there will be no leaks as a result of the typical ice/water dams we get up here in the north country.

The roof cap is handmade in our shop under controlled conditions. Precision, with
finesse is the name of the game here. You can't rush this type of work.

John is fussy and takes a lot of pride in doing the job right - and making it look good!
Notice how smooth and sharp the corners and edges are.

In using modern technology to facilitate old world techniques John's skills in hand soldering lead into the seams not only makes them water tight, but his natural artistic skills allow for the clean lines of the Mansard Window Cap to show.