Exterior Faux Finishing

We offer complete exterior faux finishing.

Both for when Quality Painting and Carpentry preps and paints the structure or for when you decide to have another painting company prep and paint the structure. Exterior faux is a much different animal than the interior version you see on the DIY cable show on TV. When you do this type of art work on the outside of a home you need the wood to be completely stripped, beautifully cleaned, primed with the best of primers, a perfect base coat of the finest quality paint….basically you need a paint job exactly like the one we do at QP&C. Then you need us to decide what kind of artistic palette your home will make.

We usually get our ideas while working on your home, after we get to know you and your family, or maybe the home's history, or maybe something unique about the home “turns us on”...so to speak. If QP&C preps and paints the structure we charge $35.00 an hour plus materials for faux finishing, plus it comes with our guarantee.

If you hire us to provide a faux finish or do any type of artistic exterior painting after other painters have finished with your structure we charge $45.00 an hour plus materials, and there is no guarantee since others did the prep and original painting.