Our Guarantee

Painting Guarantee:

A yearly Maintance Contract must be maintained.

First 2 years after date on original paid invoice:
Quality Painting & Carpentry will fix failing paint with the labor free of charge.

Years 3 thru 4 after date on original paid invoice:
Quality Painting & Carpentry will fix failing paint at the actual paid labor rate, with no profit markup.

Years 5 thru 10 after date on original paid invoice:
Quality Painting & Carpentry will fix failing paint with all normal fees and markups
based on the rates from the original year the invoice was from.

Our carpenters guarantee all wood will be primed on all sides. If the paint comes off any of our wood, we will replace not only the paint, but remove the wood, if possible, and re-prep and re-prime it.

Failing Paint:

  • Failing paint does not mean paint that has been damaged by outside sources
    such has your car fender, rubbing tree limbs, rotted wood, hungry squirrels,
    or moisture damage from improperly pre-primed new wood from other

We will be happy to fix all of the above during yearly maintance, but normal extra charges will apply.

Maintenance means:

The secret to the longevity of a Quality Painting & Carpentry paint job is our labor intensive preparation, and the yearly maintenance  that we provide to our customers. Maintenance means that you will not have to do another total paint job for a long time!

If you are willing to inspect your paint job in the spring, and give us a call whenever you notice anything, we can get out there and fix the problem while it is still small and barely noticeable. That way we can keep your paint job looking practically brand new for many years to come. Take a walk around, and if you notice any bubbling, peeling, or flaking paint in the first two years from the date of invoice, call us, it is our problem! After that, if you want to take advantage of our offer to maintain your paint job, it’s up to you.

Carpentry Guarantee:

• The majority of our carpentry is guaranteed for no less than 7 years from date of invoice.
• We provide a complete service from design, custom millwork, to finish painting.
• We are hands on and responsible for everything we touch.
• We have no outside employees and do not hire sub-contractors.
• If it fails, we are responsible and we take that responsibility to heart.
• A yearly Maintance Contract must be maintained.

Voided Guarantee:

Guarantee is void if more than two years goes by without any contact from the homeowner for maintenance, whether or not there is anything to do.

Our Guarantee goes with the home and the maintance contract. If you move, you need only to contact us and give our information to the new homeowners. We will honor your maintance contract till it’s end date and offer to re-negotiate with the new owners if they are interested.

The only way that maintenance will be cost effective is to do it every year. Once bad paint gets ahead of us, it becomes damaging to the good paint around it, and becomes a lost cause. Once wood starts to rot, it does not stop on its own and the moisture will invade other parts of the structure.

If the homeowner is not willing to do their part every year, then no guarantee in the world can help them save their investment.

Guarantee is void if the homeowner does their “own” paint maintenance on the wood, has another professional paint the home, and we never guarantee another carpenters work under any circumstances.

Whenever we do any work on the house, you need to provide us with any paint we need to use. We start by using the left over paints, but you will need to check them in advance to be sure they have not dried up, or become spoiled with age.

If we need to buy additional paint, you will have to pay for it. After a few years, the colors on the house may change and fade slightly, making a perfect match difficult to attain. While we will do our best, we cannot be responsible if your colors aren’t an exact perfect match, but we will be darn close. Most of our customers cannot tell the difference, and are very pleased.

Thank you for your business.


Holly and John Wiedmeyer