The Landers Project

The Landers Project:

711 Douglas is a massive home that took many months from start to finish, but was worth every minute as I would put money on this paint job holding up till long after 2015!  

This home was a project from early in 2002. The carpentry on this home was not done by us. The majority of the wood, including the sofits were completely stripped of paint which was a very labor intensive job which took almost one and a half months by itself. It really came out beautiful.  

The homeowners requested we use Cabot's "The Finish" paint and they chose the color scheme. We enjoyed using the paint and so far it has held up well. We also agree that the color choice is exceptional.  

These people were really fantastic to work for, easy going, very simple with their requests. Basically they wanted the best job possible, and stay out of their hair while we are doing it. No problem.

As of 2006 The Landers painted the garage themselves in a complimentary color scheme.