Working Our Way

Exterior paint is constantly deteriorating through the process of weathering. Although paint problems are by no means unique to historic buildings, treating multiple layers of hardened, brittle paint on complex, ornamental, and possibly fragile exterior surfaces necessarily requires an extremely cautious approach.

When historic buildings are involved, however, a special set of problems arises varying in complexity depending upon their age, architectural style, historical importance, and physical soundness of the wood. These factors must be carefully evaluated. Because paint removal is a difficult and painstaking process, a number of costly, regrettable experiences have occurred, and continue to occur, for both the historic building and the building owner.

Or, the homeowners choose the low bid, spend their hard earned dollars and think they are going to get a great paint job only to see it peel off in a few years!

Owners of historic properties considering paint removal should also be aware of the amount of time and labor involved. Surface preparation is crucial, and since most problems begin with poor surface preparation, this is where we would like you to focus.

We only use top quality products; we know how to use them. With every home, we get better. We constantly review older projects to see where deterioration has happened, and we use technology hand in hand with our old time skills to improve our performance and make your dreams come true. It’s your home, it’s the most valuable thing you own, and it’s up to you, but remember…you get what you pay for.

We only accept a small number of homes/businesses a year, and all of those structures are 75 years old or older. Contracts are started in the order in which the signed bid was received in our office. Jobs are completed when they are finished. Our project time frame is anywhere from 1 to 25 years depending on the homeowners plans and budget.

That means no finish date and no start date are written in stone...ever. Older structures always have secrets, surprises, and disasters just waiting to throw a wrench into the works. When we are working on your place, you will want us to take our time, and do whatever it is we are doing correctly, not hurriedly.

You must, therefore, understand that the owner before you deserves the exact same consideration.

We have a working waiting list of no less than 2 years for exterior work. If you want us to work on your home you must tentatively book us early for your project. If you wait until the year you want the project done, you will be out of luck. We just do not work that way. It is best to start a dialogue with us at least 3 years in advance, let us know that you are interested in having us work with you, and have us put you on our radar, so to speak.

If you only want color consulting, or custom mill work parts that you will install yourself, that can be arranged quickly.