Woodworking Projects

To match the original work, in cases where the originals are either missing or too far gone to save, and the pieces are not readily available at nearby lumber supply outlets, we've had to reproduce assorted pieces of cornice, door and window trim, Gingerbread trim, finials, columns, balustrades, and other decorative wooden items to match the original work.

The photos below show the procedure for making replacement newel posts. Click on the thumbnail images below for the full size photos.

Hardwood boards
are glued up
Rough shape is cut
out on a band saw
Large blank is placed in the lathe
We can authentically duplicate any piece of wood trim or accessory as needed, taking special care in accurarate measurements and wood species.
Posts can be straight
tapered as needed
Finished post

The sequence below shows the steps involved in replacing ball finials for the newel posts.

Hardwood blocks are
planed and glued up
A cylinder shape is first
formed on the wood lathe
Finials are then shaped to specs
Play it again Sam
Finials are secured to posts
When everything comes together
the detail makes the difference.

The sequence below shows the steps in making new post bases.

Redwood or Cedar blocks
are glued and cut to length
The centers are found
Rough shape is cut
out on a bandsaw
Blanks are placed in the lathe
Final shape is formed
and sanded to specs
Bases are then
secured to posts

Below: Manufacturing new replacement corbels from scratch

Blanks are rough cut to shape on a band saw, then a router is used to form the final shape as guided by the attached template.

The inside open work is done on a jig saw which creates the intricate detailing.

Below: John is working on some of the porch detailing for the Stroud project.

Below: Manufacturing new windows

We use hardwoods that were salvaged from
the same type of structures that we restore.
A few passes over the
joiner/planer assures trueness.
Resawing boards
on the bandsaw
Clean, well-
seasoned stock
Styles and rails are
cut for the project
We use mortise and tennon joints for integrity and authenticity.
Our speciaty is repairing or reproducing unusual shapes

We employ old school carpentry skills and pride ourselves on careful attention to detail.

These photos show how tapered columns are individually handmade.

Columns are manufactured much the same way as newel posts, except the scale is much larger. We have the capacity and the right power equipment to do the work correctly.
After the degree of angle has been determined, calipers are used to assure the taper is precisely turned.