The Faux Finish Nielson Project

Here we have your basic Vanilla house on your basic Vanilla Street.

What this homeowner wanted was a little cottage just like the one she saw down over yonder with all that fancy bric-brac, and she only had this much money, and the house needs lots of carpentry all right…but that carpentry money can’t be spent on bric-brac….there is way to much misc stuff falling off the house, windows leaking…what to do…what to do.

Faux painting to the rescue! We also provided the color consulting for this project.

For about $700.00 Holly Faux painted the bric–brac on the house and stole the color scheme, tweaked it a bit so it would not clash with the roof and that house became the envy of the neighborhood. Absoluty the best looking house in the neighborhood. It even caused her daughter to go on a landscaping binge and now they have a major cottage look going on.

Not to mention we are currently rehabbing a house just down the street and bidding on two others nearby…something like this just inspires the whole neighbor hood to spruce up, which means everyone's property values are improved.