Color Consultation

We offer complete color consulting when Quality Painting and Carpentry paints the structure, or if you decide to have another painting company paint the structure. If QP&C paints the structure John and I charge $35.00 an hour plus materials.

We have a storehouse of paints that we usually start with to refine the color choices (the use of these paints are included in our price), and once we get a feel for the homeowners likes and dislikes we can, at that point, decide where to go with a color scheme.

Sample quarts of paint, used to see how the color looks on your home, are $15.95 each, and the rejected quarts end up in our storehouse for someone else to use for free in the future. John and I usually need to refine the final color scheme several times during the actual application as we see how our choices blend together.

If you hire us to work with other painters we charge $45.00 an hour plus materials (same as above), and we can also provide laminated color coded printouts of your structure at $45.00 each, for the painters to follow. If necessary we can also stop by the job site and be sure the colors are being applied according to plan.

The Roberti Cottage was not painted by us, but we did provide the color consulting for the project.

This charming home sits at the entrance of the larger home, so adding a touch of classic country charm was more than appropriate for this homeowner, and the addition of the red shutters took a bit of convincing, but we think they were well worth the extra expense.

All of the homes we show on our web site have benefited from our color consulting services. In particular, the following home projects began with our color consultation:

The Tracy Project | The Plice Project | The Laskey Project | Al's Ice Creamery Project
The Iverson Project | The Shadid Project |
The Nielson Project | The Izzo Project
The Frolich Project | The Laskey Project | The Gary Project

While we do charge by the hour, the average cost for our services runs approximately $425.00 plus materials.  The more we are in charge of the project, the cheaper it is.  The more the customer is in charge and makes the decisions, the higher the costs.

The reason for this is because when the customer is in charge they always change their minds throughout the process and then they end up deferring to our professional opinion in the end. Each and Every time. For over 20 years.

Our best work is done when the homeowner has shown us their favorite color schemes, the favorite things in their homes, and told us their most hated colors. Then they say "this is our budget, go to it."

Front Door First Impressions

Your front door is a combined reflection of your environment, unique personality, and the style and color of your home. Ideally, you would choose a front door color that harmonizes all of these considerations. Every time you drive or walk up to your home it emanates a feeling of success and pride or an aura of disarray. This article takes a brief look at the first impression of you and your family that your front entrance creates.

Red - Traditionally, a red door signaled a hospitable home. It goes hand in hand with entertaining. Today a red door still says, “Welcome!” Red is a good choice for those who aren't afraid of standing out on the block. It also conveys passion, energy, and excitement.

Yellow - You are creative, often being the one who comes up with new ideas. You are a perfectionist and an analyzer. Yellow evokes mental clarity, confidence and optimism.

Blue - A blue front door signals that the homeowner views his or her home as a calm and relaxing place of refuge and retreat. You have a deep need for peace and harmony in your everyday life. You are conservative, reliable, and trustworthy.

Purple - Purple indicates a free-spirited person who is comfortable taking risks, thinking differently, and dreaming big. It's still the color of royalty and invites opportunity.

Green - Projects health, safety, tranquility, and harmony as well as growth and renewal. You are not a risk-taker and not action orientated, but rather more of an observer.

Orange - An entry door painted a bold shade of orange denotes a friendly, fun-loving and extroverted personality.. You are warm, optimistic, and often flamboyant.

Black - Black says you’re consistent, conservative, and reserved in your manner and your approach to color. You prefer timeless styles to trendy ones.

Gray -You are practical and calm, cool, conservative, and composed. You like routine and want a contented life. You have a great need for harmony and balance.

White - A classic and timeless color. White represents purity and virtue. It says that you prefer things that are organized, neat and clean. Even if your home isn’t always that way, you probably wish it was.

Brown - You are honest, reliable, and quietly confident. You are friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere.

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