The Iverson Project

This classic federal style home is near Sherman Hospital in Elgin at 1011 N. Spring St. The homeowners were unhappy with the original front stoop, had another carpenter build a new front porch, but were still not quite happy with the results.

When we contracted to paint the home we felt that there was quite a lot of carpentry that was left unfinished as the pictures show. We thought the current carpenter would be handling all the repairs to the home before we started painting, but this was not the case, so our 3 week painting job turned into a 5 week restoration instead…very typical.

We also provided the color consulting for this project.

This house was painted in 2003 after the front porch was finished. The homeowner had to do touch-up on the porch in 2009, but now it is 2011 and the house still looks great.

It was tough on the homeowners budget as they did not realize that the original carpenter did not point out all the problems that needed to be addressed and being inexperienced they did not understand that the type of paint job that we do is really useless unless the “bones” of the home are in good condition.


Rotted wood, open unfilled nail holes, poor quality prime jobs, cheap rusty nails, loose boards, falling down gutters…all are cause for water and dampness to invade and cause failure of a perfect paint job.

As for the colors chosen, the color consulting on this home involved about 15 hours and 6 quarts of new paint. All the colors used were hand mixed by us except for the Shutters, which are a stock color called Gentleman Grey, one of our favorites.