The Izzo Project

A gorgeous jewelry box of a home, this was a fun home to paint. It took two years of very hard work, but there is nothing more satisfying to us than a job well done. This home won The Grand Championship Victorian Home Contest many years ago, but could still go up against any home today as the colors we chose will always be in vogue.

Whenever we need a boost we drive by one of “our” houses and remember that our hard work is appreciated by thousands of passerby’s.

The metal roofs were in terrible shape when we started on them. We were forced to use harsh chemicals, wire brushes and many grades of steel wools to strip them back to fresh unrusted metal.

The owner had shown us a bright and shiny copper penny when he contracted us to restore his home and his one request was that he wanted those turrets to match that penny.

So we painted them using the highest quality copper pigments. These roofs were restored in 1998. Here it is 2005 and nary a spot of rust, flaking, or lifting to be seen anywhere….success!

We would like to remind our customers that the most important part of our job is the part you cannot see. The prep we do is the finest quality available in the business. When we give a recommendation for paint removal, we mean it. We guarantee our work, when we strip a building we go over it, and go over it, and go over it, until John Wiedmeyer says it's finished. When we sand a building, we sand it all…not just the parts the homeowner can see. John checks all our work, He gets on a ladder and gets his eyes up where nobody else would look to make sure that all parts of the building have been prepped properly. He does not take anyone’s word for it. We provided the color consulting for this project.

We no longer provide any maintance to the property. As of Oct. 2006 the Carriage house was painted and had additional carpentry done by another painting company (TBS) in an alternate color scheme.

As of Nov. 2007 carpentry (primed only) was added to the front porch and side porches by another carpenter (Dan Miller).