The Frolich Project

The color scheme on the Frolich's home just did not fit their personality.

The lady of the house is very imaginative, and everything about her is unique and spring like, and a fairytale in bloom, just waiting for someone to come along and help her tell it. She had no trouble at all decorating the inside of her home, the house just bursts with vibrancy, you cannot help but wake each and every day feeling refreshed. But the exterior of her home, just did nothing for her, she needed someone to help her take her special personality and put it into one scheme that said JANA!

Holly was up to the challenge. There was a bevy of pet rabbits and being an animal lover herself, the story of Peter Rabbit was very familiar and it just seemed that this little corner of heaven was destined to reflect that childhood fantasy. The Frolichs were open to all suggestions and allowed Holly to go all out on the Tromp L’Oeil, which in our opinion really add that special touch to this outstanding color scheme. We were even told by another carpenter that he did not realize that the “diamonds” were fake until he was up close…..pretty good, huh?
This home is really one of our favorites, and we consider it a triumph of matching homeowner to home. If you get a chance to drive by the home, you really should as thru the years they have added much to the landscaping and this has really added to the charm factor.

We also provided the color consulting for this project.