The Laskey Project

The Laskey Project:

The Laskey Home is on our current TO DO List and is scheduled for our attention. One of the reasons we are seriously booked and do not have any openings until 2013.

This home at 711 Douglas was a project in the middle 1990s. The homeowners originally started with another painting company, but the quality of work and color selection was not up to their expectations. They stopped work, fired the company, and contacted us.

We also provided the color consulting for this project.

We started over and redid the entire prep job and did a bit of tweaking to the color palette. Now the Laskey family has a home that is very pleasing to behold.

After a large tree demolished their front porch in 2003, they hired us to restore it.. They were very happy with the results, and the fact that we stand behind the quality of our construction and painting.

We have a few projects on the schedule to finish for them, garage doors need to be re-done and a bit of maintenance here and there, but we must say that the Laskeys' really keep this property nice.