Other Projects

In addition to the historic building restorations and refurbishing of assorted furniture pieces, we have also been commissioned for other projects.

Cardinal Mailbox

This may be a simple project, but everybody out there needs stuff like this done. Quality Painting and Carpentry does a lot more than just big jobs.

In the winter, we work in our shop doing smaller projects that provide a lot of satisfaction.

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This mailbox was one we did for Christmas of 2005. The request went something like this...."she saw it at Wal-Mart I think, it had a cardinal on it, and can you put it in by Christmas?"   You bet we can! The mailbox  we made was a lot better and prettier than anything you can buy at Wal-Mart.

Faux Layer Cake

When doing interior faux finishes, the décor sometimes needs just a hint, or a boost of a suggestion to finish off the scheme. We have made these types of "cakes" in all sorts of  "flavors" and styles to go with new décor in the kitchens.

They can add a really nice Victorian element to the kitchens we all work so hard on.  If you are anything like Holly, you are not about to bake a fancy cake just so you have something pretty to decorate!

   Bath Fixture

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Making a Copper Roof

Left: How to fabricate a copper roof - the right way - from start to finish. Click on the  image for full size photos.

Grandmother Clock

Faux Graining

St. Charles Doors Project
The Holland Mantle Project